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Attempt Greatness. Enthuse about Weighty Matters. Let Civilization serve Love.

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Who is Katherine?

I am a new author and the bringer forth of the Two-Day Eating pattern. I was already making an interactive webspace in anticipation books and projects coming in 2023.  Then I realized I could use the platform right away. I am paying for it anyway. Why not invite my friends and family to use the tools now?! Why not get a two-day eating community going online immediately?!

Two Day Eating

For one year, I conducted an experiment on my own body. I ate every other day. The health and fat loss results have been outstanding even though I have eaten whatever I want and as much of it as I want. I'm ready for a few intrepid experimenters to try eating, not every other day necessarily, but in a two day pattern sufficient to trigger autophagy, the state during which the human body repairs itself and shrinks fat. Meanwhile, I cannot nor would I want to prevent anyone who wants to try it from doing so and that's why I offer the free, interactive two day eating invitation inside. Come on in!